Sep 21, 2015

Knit & crochet owl hat - step by step pattern

      Here is my first knitted pattern and my come back after long summer holidays :)
Holidays - don`t mean I was traveling or relaxing on the beach... It mean I took the break from my blog. 

Winter is coming and we want new patterns and warm clothes to our loved ones <3
Here is simple and easy owl hat pattern - you can size and make it very easy and quickly. 

I made it for 2-5 years old child 
2-5 years - head circumference 46 - 48.5 cm (18 - 19 inches) 
hat height - 19 cm (7.25 - 7.5 inches) 
For knitting i needed 96 stitches 

If you want to make hat for yourself you just double your head circumference cm to stitches

First you knit it as height as you want (mine color)

switch color and continue

 You will need a pair of eyes and nose, you can crochet or make peaces from different materials

First you add nose and eyes

Sew the pieces together

For wings use 10 stitches (about 8-10 rows) then reduce until there is only 1 left

And of course hello from Choms and Muris lol

Made by Dii Dii

For more information contact me on facebook or ETSY

Yahhoooo, I´m back :)