Mar 31, 2015

Knitted diaper cover and slippers

Snowing :( I thought it is spring now but when I looked out of the window it was snowing. I like spring and rain and I love to hear the rain outside when i am crocheting... Today i was crocheting christening gown but my flu is getting bad so I did not take a photo because I needed to take a nap :) But we still have few new models - my mom is amazing and hard working and she loves crocheting and knitting as much as I do :)
These days many parents use diaper covers so we designed a  new model today :) And slippers of course ;)

Tomorrow I hope I can crochet together the motifs of blanket

Made by Dii Dii & Mom

Mar 30, 2015

How to crochet frog eyes

Interesting - am I crochet addict!? YES, I am! Feeling ill today, hope it is not flu... But even flu can not stop me :) Today I have crocheted frog hat and I took some photos to show you how I do that ;)

First 7 half double crochet into space. 
Second row - 2 half double crochet into next 6 spaces between half double crochet.

Repeat same with white yarn (front of green)

Add eye button or crochet circle eye

Crochet peaces together (use half double crochet)

I have added nose and eyes to owl motifs today and will finish owl blanket next week

Made by Dii Dii

Mar 29, 2015

New experiment - slippers

Why I can not have so small feet? Oh how I like crocheted slippers but I would like to wear them or at least have a small princess. I have not told you yet, I have two boys - a 12 year old and a 9 year old so I have always dreamed about small princess. Of course I do love my boys :) but of course they would not wear "pink" and crochet slippers for example :)
But "Tonight we are young" I am just 32 and I still want to have a small princess :)

You can look at My slippers here (my shop) there are most of slippers we made with my mom <3

Here we come - how slippers look about 11 am 

I hope my sister do not read my blog (if it is a secret) maybe my "little" sister will have a small princess after 7-8 months.... :)

Dii Dii & Mom

Mar 26, 2015

Frog slippers - recommendation

Here you can see nice way to make slippers (figured out today) 
Got an idea a long time ago but only tried today :) finally 

Dii Dii & mom

Mar 25, 2015

Crochet sneakers

Other beautiful results of this day :)

I personally like more few of last years crochet sneakers ;)

Made by Dii Dii & Mom

Mar 24, 2015

Hard-working Dii Dii & Choms :)

Today i have been hard-working. I think over 10 hours crocheting and knitting...
Knitted leg warmers for newborn and 2 years old girl and another "random" dress - order... hmm, i think for twins :) 

Crocheting.... knitting.... It is fun (not always lol) But more fun - when i bring cardboard box home from shop! My cats just love it :)
Let me introduce you... One of my cats - Choms

And tired Choms ;)

Oh, almost forgot. Recommendation... Take yarn from middle - easier to crochet!

Tired Dii Dii :p

Mar 23, 2015

Random dress finishing

Top of dress
slip stitch into next stitch (repeat around)

chain 16, slip stitch into 7 stitch from hook (depends of button size) repeat until all stitches are worked out

Ready dress look beautiful

Made by Dii Dii

My mom also loves to crochet

I was surprised today when my mom showed me her new model of slippers. The back strap is easy to attach. I just fell in love with these slippers.

Made by MOM :)

Random dress part 23 to 31

Today i crocheted nine last steps before finishing. Bottom of dress takes more time. 

Chain 4, slip stitch into space (repeat 4 rounds)

5 double crochet into space (repeat around)

Chain 5, slip stitch into space (repeat 5 rounds)

3 double crochet, chain 1, 3 double crochet (repeat around)

chain 3, slip stitch into space (repeat around)

3 double crochet into space, chain 1 (repeat 10 rounds)

chain 4, slip stitch into space (repeat around)

3 double crochet, chain 1, 3 double crochet (repeat around)

STEP 31 (finishing)
Choose a color. 
Slip stitch, chain 1 (repeat around)

Dress is ready for finishing. Tomorrow i will finish it and post few last steps.

Good night

Made by Dii Dii

Mar 22, 2015

Todays experiment

Before i post image of my experiment i have to tell that i have try 4 different yarns about 5 different colors and these few experiments took about 7 hours! Yes, so small but time-consuming.

I think this is nice gift for baby. Pink one i want to make for gift certificate parents can later put their baby´s image. Blue is not my taste ;) Later i will try to make bear, maybe frog and owl.

And again it is over midnight so.... See you tomorrow :)

Random dress step 13 to 22 continue

Today i did not reach same count of steps because i was doing something else but i will post image of my experiment after i post 10 steps i crochet today :)

Mark front and back of dress (about 50sts front and back)

Double crochet into next 25 stitches

Chain 8 (repeat around step 14 and 15)

Half double crochet (repeat around)

2 half double crochet into next 2 stitches, chain 1 (repeat around)

2 half double crochet into space, chain 1 (repeat 7 rounds)

chain 3, slip stitch into space (repeat around)

Step 20
3 double crochet into space (repeat around)

chain 3, slip stitch into space (repeat 3 rounds)

4 double crochet into space (repeat around)

That is all for today but i will continue tomorrow. But now i have to post image of my experiment (see it on my next post)

Made by Dii Dii