Mar 29, 2015

New experiment - slippers

Why I can not have so small feet? Oh how I like crocheted slippers but I would like to wear them or at least have a small princess. I have not told you yet, I have two boys - a 12 year old and a 9 year old so I have always dreamed about small princess. Of course I do love my boys :) but of course they would not wear "pink" and crochet slippers for example :)
But "Tonight we are young" I am just 32 and I still want to have a small princess :)

You can look at My slippers here (my shop) there are most of slippers we made with my mom <3

Here we come - how slippers look about 11 am 

I hope my sister do not read my blog (if it is a secret) maybe my "little" sister will have a small princess after 7-8 months.... :)

Dii Dii & Mom

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