Oct 27, 2015

Everybody wants socks - knitting socks

I think i will be knitting rest of the year but usually I`m crocheting! 
Why? Because everybody wants socks :D
Last year I did it every day 8 to 15 hours a day!!!
Crazy? - yes :D
Difficult? - yes
Do I like it? - YES, I LOVE IT! :)

Because I don`t have a time to design new models now (because of socks) i will like to present few sock model. 

If you have a questions or if you want to know how i did it, whatever about knitting or crocheting you can ask me on facebook

One of my friends asked me to make Harley Davidson logo socks (very cool friend!)

Because my friend have a smaller leg than her husband we made smaller socks only with text 

And because she have a very "sweet" friend he asked to make red socks but i don`t want to show the logo of socks on my blog lol

She asked socks also for her ex boyfriend...

...and grandmother... :D

Here are few models I made before sock season ;)

So if you have some question, feel free to ask me ;) Because I do not have a time to make patterns I can give you advise ;)

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