Apr 1, 2015

Christening gown & daily stuff

I finished the christening dress today, it takes about 1-2 weeks usually because I am crocheting other models too and I have other orders but the best thing is making new patterns :)

Simple and beautiful
Bottom of dress
round 1 - 3 double crochet into same space, chain 1, 3 double crochet. 1 double crochet into next space(repeat around)
round 2 - chain 4, slip stitch into spaces between 3 double crochet (repeat around)
round 3 - chain 4, slip stitch into chain 4 spaces (repeat around)

Another todays project - dress
Yellow or purple, that is what I am going to decide tomorrow :)

And like hard working crocheter I started to finish the owl blanket before next steps
I use slip stitches to crochet peaces of blanket together

And slippers, everybody already knows how I love slippers :)
New experiment - new model - new pattern - new product to sell :)

Yeah and my lazy cat - Muris is not helping at all...

Made by Dii Dii and Mom

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