Apr 13, 2015

Hard working weekend crocheter vs Muris & yarns

The worlds easiest crochet dress patterns....
I do not even remember if I have written pattern of dress or I have lost it because it looks like the worlds easiest pattern but it is not! 

I have learned something this weekend... I will always write down all new experiments and new patterns!

Here it is - the easiest dress

Simple: Start with 2 half double crochet into same space, chain 1, skip next stitch (repeat around)
chain 3, slip stitch into space (repeat 3 rounds)

Other completed products at the weekend

While I was crocheting Muris was exploring the yarn storage! Again! lol

Oh, after exploring he was so tired... That is why I keep my yarns in the plastic bags!

Nice weekend
Dii Dii 

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