Apr 6, 2015

Flower chart - tunic

Finally! Fly is gone and I am back :)
Easter and my birthday on the same day this year... Last five minutes enjoying my birthday and sharing one of longest and hardest projects is good final of this fantastic day :)

Project - I found the flower chart on the internet and I had to try it. 
First experiment (yellow and purple colors I post few days ago) - FAILED
Second experiment (Acrylic yarn) - FAILED
Third experiment (turquoise + white = nice colors but wrong count of stitches and bad design) - FAILED
Few more I just started (wool and mixed yarns) - FAILED
And finally I decided to use turquoise + white cotton yarn and I added pearls in the middle of flower. Maybe still not perfect but I think it will look beautiful when ready :) 

Just modified a little 

One of filed experiments (my opinion)

This i will finish

Reorganizing - me or my cat? Let me introduce the other cat of mine - Muris :)

Owl blanket is still waiting for finishing because of flu and my experiments but if you are not beginner you can figure out finishing as you like ;) 

Dii Dii

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